Thursday 10th October 2019

As so often happens, as soon as we have waved off our departing guests, it is time for some re-organisation.  One of our guest rooms needed a bigger, better TV.  

This sounds simple enough but it meant relocating it, rewiring and installing the new TV.  Also we decided to create a new dressing and mirror area so it was two jobs in one!

We are really pleased with the finished effect as the TV is now Larger and in a much better position.  

A quick paint of the walls and we are ready for guests to come and enjoy the new - and improved - arrangement! 

It is the garden view to follow and we will renew them on the website, too.

We have had a busy summer with guests, some of whom are repeat visitors which is so pleasing to us.  Our younger daughter was married at the end of August and so it was a hectic but very enjoyable time. Sadly, our beloved British Shorthair Cream cat, Teddy, passed away.  He was very popular with guests and is very much missed; we were fortunate to have known him, a very special character and impos...

Summer is here and the wildlife abounds....wild rabbits, deer with their young, birds of all kinds.  Our drive looks very full of growth with the last remains of cow parsley (I recently found this is related to the carrot and is edible).  It will soon need to be cut down. The Woodpecker is looking particularly fine with his yellow collar.  We didn’t having any birds nesting in the Dovecotes this y...