Keeping busy!

23 APRIL 2020

I trust this finds you well....what strange times we are living through. 

We seem to have become used to the new normal of not going out or seeing anyone! I hope you are staying safe and well and maybe dreaming about a time when we can all enjoy such things as a trip out and a pub lunch.  Certainly, we will all appreciate our freedom when this is over.

We are using our time wisely and have managed to do so many outstanding jobs.  The planting I have done in my new greenhouse is now growing well and I’m looking forward to a harvest of runner beans, carrots and courgettes as well as the flowers including cosmos and my favourite, sweet peas. I always like to put these in little vases in the guest bedrooms - I will take some photos and add to a blog, once they are in bloom.

All the borders are looking great and we added an arbour on the orchard as a lovely place to sit and while away a bit of time.

I have had some lovely emails from guests who couldn’t make a visit.  We will all meet very soon, when life gets back to normal.

In the meantime, stay safe!

Very best wishes from John and from me


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